This is hard. But…. No buts

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You ever get a bad feeling and decide to do nothing until it happens?

Im about to burst into tears. Feeling unappreciated, overwhelmed with stress, and awkward with ppl im supposed to feel most comfortable among. Fml



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"You ripped my heart out of my chest but the sad thing is I picked it up and handed it right back to you."


i would like to take a moment to thank nani pelekai for being one of the first disney women to ever look like an actual human beingimage

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This is not the life I want to live

I really hate the life I’m living. Some people might say “you should be lucky” or “you’re ungrateful”. Whatever 2 cents they wanna share. I have three separate lives I live. The at home with my family, cooking, cleaning, and not getting recognized for any of it. The im in a relationship but im not, but I am, but I’m unsure, but we’re still fucking life. And lastly, my undying will to serve the spirit of my religion…. why do you keep saving me from a cruel world? Why are you testing me so harshly? Why did you choose me for my parents? This is not the life I want to live.


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Paint with all the colors of the wind

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